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Starter Plan is a convenient way to get acquainted with the main advantages of renting a company. No contracts. Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel anytime.

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Starter Plan - MONTHLY Billing
99.00 / month
Starter Plan - QUARTERLY Billing
Save €300.00 / year
225.00 every 3 months
Starter Plan - YEARLY Billing
Best Value
Save €600.00 / year
588.00 / year


Starter Plan - YEARLY Billing

Low Fees: Yes
Company Jurisdictions: NL
Currencies: EUR
Business Bank Account: Yes
VAT Number & EORI: Yes
Online Invoicing: Yes
Get Paid Instantly: Yes
Receive Payments: Yes
Pay Invoices: Yes
Withdraw Money: Yes
Online Banking: Optional
Incorporation Documents: Optional
Virtual Office: Optional
Visa or MasterCard: Optional
EORI ∙ Import ∙ Export: Optional
Third Party Accounts: Optional
Marketing Authorization: Optional
Power of Attorney: Optional
Your Own Trade Name: Optional
Customization Service: Optional
Support & Service: Basic
Second Rent-a-Company: 10% Discount

Yearly Billing: Save €600.00 / year
Monthly Fee: 12 x €49.00 = €588.00

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Verified Google Reviews

I never imagined that renting a business and dealing with people could be so simple. Since i started with these people I’ve learned that the procedure doesn’t have to be laborious or time-consuming. I’ve also been able to significantly enhance my profits. Such professionals who clearly know how to help their clients.

Tracy Bradley
Dropshipping Company

Contain a large number of companies to present, and they are highly adaptable to the demands of their customers. Having a firm in the area I want was really beneficial to me. Customer feedback is important to them, and I recommend their services to anybody seeking for a rental firm.

Luis Lloyd
IT Agency