Frequently Asked Questions

Rent-a-Company fees are based only on your business activities. This means that you have to pay the fee only when you use the rented company. We charge only 4.99% of the income received from your clients as the Partnership Fee. The Processing Fee in a fixed amount of 5 EUR applies to sent and received bank payments and withdrawals. If the payment is sent to or received from a country outside the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), the additional International transaction Fee or Intermediate Bank Fee may be charged.
There are no accounting nor tax duties imposed on the rented company. We cover all regular costs and tax duties of the rented company and we take care of the accounting and paperwork so that you do not need to take care of such matters yourself.
One of the specialties of Rent-a-Company’s service is the possibility to fulfill different business requirements of our customers. So, if you need any kind of service which is not mentioned as a part of our regular offer, please share your requirements with us and we will try to find the best possible solution for you.
The rented company acts as a commission agent between you and your client. This means that rented company acts on its own behalf but to the benefit of you.
All details of your Rented Company will be displayed on the invoices, as well as details of your client (full [company] name, address, company number, tax number). Also, in order to create an invoice you have to enter the description of the products/services provided together with its price. After you create an invoice, it undergoes the verification process. Only after the invoice has been approved by our department, you can send it to your client.
Your name will not appear on the invoice unless you write it as a note in the products/services description field.
Starter and Professional Plan: The main currency is EUR, but you can also choose an alternative currency to be displayed on invoices issued to your clients. Payment received in an alternative currency will be automatically converted to EUR at the regular conversion rate offered by the banks and displayed in your account in EUR currency. Elite Plan: You can choose any currency to be displayed on invoices issued to your clients.
After an invoice is approved, you will get a notification. Then you can download it as a PDF document from the Invoicing Platform and send it to your client from your email address or directly from the Invoicing Platform.
After your invoice is approved and sent to your client, you get a notification as soon as the payment for it has been received. Transaction history and information about the available balance are displayed in your Online Banking, so you can always know what amount is available for withdrawal or payments to your suppliers or associates.
Sending a payment is very easy – you just need to create an outgoing payment in your Online Banking and upload the invoice from your supplier. After you create an outgoing payment, it goes through the approval process and, once approved, the payment will be sent to your supplier from your Rented Company.

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